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Easy Guide to plan your wedding day

We have put together a comprehensive guide for all brides to easily plan their wedding day, together with recommended vendors this guide will give you easy to follow steps to have the greatest day of your life.

Find the right Entertainment
The Reception

As you make your grand entrance to the ceremony you want the crowd to gasp in wonder at how beautiful you look!

Selecting the right dress is a must

You don't want your guests to be bored!

Make sure they are entertained

The reception venue is probably the most important and most expensive decision you will make

Every girl dreams of her wedding day, walking down the aisle in her stunning white gown to marry the man of her dreams.

But how did she get there, how did she pull of this grand day?

With a easy to follow guide! That's how!

Follow our easy steps so that you too can have a stress free day.

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Lastly you can do the fun part of planning such as choosing the flowers, tableware, colours, bridal party, and outfits. It is important to start big with the date, venue, caterer and music. As soon as the big parts of the wedding are booked, you can concentrate on the details. Overall, your wedding day will be successful if you allow time and organization into the wedding planning.

A majority of people never planned an event in their life until they get engaged. From having no experience to planning a wedding, it can be overwhelming and hard to know where to start. There are simple steps however to being successful in creating your special day.

DATE - The first part of wedding planning is to decide the date. Choosing the date can be easy if it is organized. Start big and go smaller from year, to season, to month, to day. Take holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, and day of the week in account. If you are having a destination wedding be sure to set a date way in advance to give your guests time to clear their schedules. Once you have a few dates in mind you can search for your venue. If you have a church or religious ceremony, set that date first before finding a reception venue. If you have a few dates available, it may be easier to find a place for your wedding.

VENUES - After the date is chosen you can look for venues.

There are tons of venues and they all have different styles. You could go for a cool, downtown feel or more grand hall feel. This is up to your style but also up to your budget and amount of guests.
The guest count can be estimated at this point, but always overestimate when looking for a venue to fit your needs. The venue needs to be practical also. Sharing your vows on the beach in the fall would be cold and not fun. Also if you want to an outside wedding make sure you have the option to be inside or under a tent in case of bad weather.
When looking at packages for weddings make sure your budget is in reach. Packages can be great and help keep your list shorter of things to do like finding caterers.


CATERERS - The next step is to find caterers if your venue doesnít offer one. Caterers can have a large range of prices so do your research and ask around. A recommendation from friends can really help you make more trustworthy decisions.

The last thing you want is bad food for your guests. Caterers can be different from offering buffets to sit down meals to full dinner courses. Buffets are often the cheapest and have the biggest range. A sit down dinner or having many courses is classy but can also take up more time in a reception.

When the caterer is decided, the menu can be chosen! This can be picked early especially if you are giving an option to your guests and need to add food surveys in the invitation.

Always keep in mind that everyone has different diets and tastes. Have a good variety from chicken, beef, fish and vegetarian. Always offer salad, bread, and some sort of pasta or rice.

CAKE - A cake decorator also needs to be chosen rather early.

Sometimes venues offer a cake or their own baker, which can make things very easy. Cakes are much more expensive but there are also tons of options to make your budget work.

Bakeries like when you order your cake early

INVITATIONS - After the big things are booked, send your invitations because you know everything is in order. This is your first glimpse of how you actually want to decorate your special day.

The style can be incorporated into the invitation. Be sure to use spell check often and have the all the information needed. Include your names, date of wedding, time frames, and addresses of the venue(s).

Leave a RSVP card or phone number so guests can reach you. Make your invitation special and save a few for yourself to look back on!

MUSIC and ENTERTAINMENT - Next is to plan your music for your ceremony and reception. Having a string quartet or classical guitarist for your wedding ceremony makes it so much more special than having a cd player.

Many couples even with a tight budget opt for live music at least for the ceremony. Live music for a reception is much more expensive.

DJs are more common for wedding receptions and there are tons. Always get recommendations from friends and family so you know the type of entertainment youíre hiring. If you want to choose some songs to hear or genres, your DJ or band should accommodate.

Have a wide range of music so your guests donít get bored or feel restricted. Not everyone loves country music or hip-hop, so keep your guests in mind.

Accessories - Its the little things that make your wedding special and reflect your personality and love to all of your guests. This is where accessories really shine.

For example having a personalised wedding garter can make a great statement piece under your dress, They can be made to match your dress either out of lace or satin and you can also choose your favourite colours as well.

Wedding garters are also steeped in tradition and the tossing of the garter is also a fun game at the end of the night

wedding garters

Choosing your dress